Beginners - surveys and pairwork resources 2

Find Someone Who: 'like'
A general 'round the class' mingle activity where students have to find someone who says 'yes' to what is written on their sheet. It is therefore an activity that can be used to give practice in many different structures. This one practices only the verb 'to like' and can therefore be used to give students some early exposure to the present simple question structure.

Find Someone Who: present
This time, the survey concentrates on the present simple tense in general. This type of activity allows for students to repeat a given structure often outside the confines of a teacher-centred drill.

Find Someone Who: 'to be'
This round the class mingle activity, similar to the two above, can be done very early on in a course as it involves only the verb 'to be'.

What is your favorite pizza?
Student to student survey using only the verb 'to be' to ask each other favorite things. Despite the very basic vocabulary, this activity allows students some degree of independence from the teacher at an early stage in the course.

The Family Tree
Information gap activity which practices family vocabulary. This page is in Word format. This resource was kindly sent in by Savina Meconi teaching in Melbourne.

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Is There an Elephant in your Living Room?
The material I have included here is a list of nouns. Students will use this list of nouns to ask you 'is there a _____ in your living room?' You will need to prepare a line drawing beforehand of a room, photocopy it and hand it out to the students. In this picture, include all the items (for example: sofa, lamp, rug) that are marked 'yes' on this sheet. As for the others, you can decide whether they are in your picture or not.. and where. Students then continue to ask you about all the objects on the list and draw in those for which you say 'yes'. At the end, compare the students' copies and your teacher's copy. This activity not only gives good practice for 'there is' and 'there are' but also prepositions of place as you describe the location of each object.

Is There an Elephant in Your Living Room?: wordsearch
Follow up vocabulary activity to that above. Students have to find words included on the original noun list. This is an opportunity for you to challenge both yourself and your students at the same time - because I can't remember where all the words are!! This page is in Word format.

Capitals and Countries Worksheet
Students practice country vocabulary and can be useful to start talking about where students or famous people are from. And for pronunciation.

Telephone Survey Form
A good way to introduce a 'business' angle at a very early stage. Students use phones to ring 'companies' requesting basic information for a 'survey' they are doing. Use in-building telephone extension for authenticity.

Are You...? Survey
This is a survey in which students go around the class asking questions to each other such as 'are you married?' and 'are you a Taurus?', etc. It gives good practice not only with 'to be' questions but also some good vocabulary work can be done, especially with adjectives, beforehand. You need to do this vocabulary elicitation first so that students know, for example for question one, that when a student says 'no' to being married, that they then have to ask 'are you single?' and 'are you divorced?', etc.

Play, Go, Do
Student free time questionnaire which also focuses attention on when we use each of the three verbs for free time and sports activities.

Susan's Diary
Can be used to practice present simple for routines. Teacher centred or pairwork activity possible. Premium

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