Beginners - surveys and pairwork resources

Neil's Day
Just change the name at the top and you have a diary handout that can be used for third person practice between your students and also, at higher levels, for future tenses.

Mr. 'X' Answers Your Questions: 'to be'
This sheet consists of a list of questions from which the students have to reconstruct the 'interview'. Almost all of the ones on this sheet use only 'to be'.

Mr. 'X' Answers Your Questions: present simple
This sheet consists of a list of questions from which the students have to reconstruct the 'interview'. The ones on this sheet include slightly more complicated present simple questions.

Mary's brother
Information gap activity to practice mostly 'to be' questions with one or two present simple ('have') questions that can be used to introduce question forms not using 'to be'.

Do you like fish?
Student to Student survey which practices food vocabulary and also expressions of liking and disliking something.

Do you like fish? Wordsearch
Really a vocabulary activity. Wordsearch based on the previous activity. Students have to find the different food and drink words. This page is in Word format.

To Be and Present Simple information gap activity
Students are put into groups of 2 or 4 and need to ask questions (all 'to be' or basic present simple) to complete the information they have on a group of people. This type of 'information gap' or 'jigsaw' activity is very good at prompting communication in students.

To Be and Present Simple information gap master copy
This is the blank version of the activity above which you can edit as you like.

Is there a TV in your house?
Students ask each other about items in their houses. Gives vocabulary practice and 'there is/are' practice too.

How Often survey
Student to teacher and student to student survey. Ties in well with work on frequency adverbs such as often, sometimes, never, seldom, etc.

My Teacher
Information gap giving good practice of present simple question forms. Depending on the level of your students, you may want them to prepare the questions in writing first or do it orally immediately. This particular one was written for me but can be easily edited in a matter of minutes.

Do you have? Have you got?
Round the class mingle activity. Students use this list of nouns to go round class and find someone who has these things. There are two identical lists here depending on whether you want to practice 'do you have?' or 'have you got?' Premium

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