Beginners - surveys and pairwork resources 3

What is Your Name?
Can be used with zero beginners in first couple of lessons. Photos of famous people to practice 'what is his/her name?', 'where is s/he from?', 'what is his/her job?' and 'how old is s/he?'.

"To Be" Jigsaw Activity
Can be used with near beginners after only three or four lessons. Only verb "to be" used in this jigsaw activity. Make two copies of this empty table and fill in 50% of the information on one of them and the remaining 50% on the other table. Divide class into pairs and students must complete their tables by asking their partners for the relevant information.

Who is Your...?
To consolidate 'family tree' vocabulary such as 'grandmother' or 'uncle'. Students ask each other about families. Good, personalised activity which is important.

What time do you..?
Present Simple routine survey. Good speaking practice and practices routine verbs vocabulary too.

What's in Your...?
Students ask each other about the different rooms in their houses. practices 'there is' and 'there are' and also vocabulary of items in the house.

'What is...?' Survey
Student to student questionnaire using only 'to be' - well, almost!

'What is...?' Questionnaire
Student to teacher and student to student survey mainly based on 'what is...?' and basic present simple questions.

What I Do On
Empty grid that students fill in with their daily routines to be used for later student to student speaking activity when teaching present simple.

Filling Out Forms
Students fill out a simple form. This gives them some practice at doing something they may have to do in the future and also can be used to do some sort of roleplay question and answer activity with students in pairs.

What I Like Doing On Vacation
Join words from different columns up to make sentences to express what students like doing on vacation. Practice of vacation vocabulary and simple verb patterns and sentence structures. Premium

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