Beginners Level >> Conversation Materials/Surveys/Pairwork Activities >> This is a survey in which students go around the class asking questions to each other such as 'are you married?' and 'are you a Taurus?', etc. It gives good practice not only with 'to be' questions but also some good vocabulary work can be done, especially with adjectives, beforehand. You need to do this vocabulary elicitation first so that students know, for example for question one, that when a student says 'no' to being married, that they then have to ask 'are you single?' and 'are you divorced?', etc.

Are You...? Survey


Go around the class and find out information about the other students. Continue asking questions until the person says 'yes'.

Are you married?

Are you happy?

Are you a Sagittarius?

Are you angry?

Are you tall?

Are you English?

Are you from Spain?

Are you a man?

Are you good at English?

Are you a secretary?

Are you old?

Are you beautiful?

Are you Stefania?

Are you intelligent?

Are you bored? Premium

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