IELTS - Speaking

The speaking part of the IELTS exam lasts from 11-14 minutes and comprises three parts. In the first part, the candidate and examiner have a short general chat. In the second part, the candidate is given a card with some prompts on and asked to speak about the topic for 1-2 minutes after some preparation time. In the final part, the candidate and the examiner have a more in-depth discussion with more abstract questions based about the same topic as Part Two.

Each worksheet contains a full example of a Speaking section, with Parts One, Two and Three.

IELTS Speaking - Worksheet One
Shops & shopping / Climate & climate change.

IELTS Speaking - Worksheet Two
Pets / Learning new things & new technology.

IELTS Speaking - Worksheet Three
Reading / Visiting new places & travel and other cultures.

IELTS Speaking - Worksheet Four
Television / Teachers, education and preparing young people.

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IELTS Speaking - Worksheet Five
Your town / Giving presents & national holidays.

IELTS Speaking - Worksheet Six
Neighbours / First journey & childhood memories.

IELTS Speaking - Worksheet Seven
Meals / Cooking a meal & healthy eating.

IELTS Speaking - Worksheet Eight
Sleep / Valued possessions & wealth. Premium

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