English Vocabulary Exercises - Pre-Intermediate

Page 2

Bigger and Smaller Things
Find the biggest thing on this list.
Exercise Number: 2V24

Types of TV Show
What types of TV shows are these?
Exercise Number: 2V25

Opposites of Adjectives
Read the sentence and then choose the adjective from the list that means the opposite.
Exercise Number: 2V26

How Are You Feeling?
Are these words to describe how you are feeling positive or negative?
Exercise Number: 2V27

Chaos On My Desk
Put the compound nouns back together!
Exercise Number: 2V29

Groups of Things
Is a band a group of musicians or a group of students?
Exercise Number: 2V22

Adjectives and Nouns
For each noun, find its adjective equivalent - and vice versa!
Exercise Number: 2V23

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Where Are We?
Read the clues to find out which place we're in!
Exercise Number: 2V28

Vocabulary Multiple Choice Exercises

For each question, choose which of the four possible answers fits the space best. Also think about why the other three answers are not possible.

House and Garden Vocabulary

A series of useful vocabulary pictures which, in total, deal with around a hundred low-level vocabulary items around the house and the garden.

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