Pre-Intermediate Vocabulary Exercise: Phrasal Verb Gap Fill

Use the following phrasal verbs to complete each sentence. You may have to change the tense.

put down
break down
pick up
hurry up
give up
put away
look for
get up

  1. In many countries, dogs are used to people who are missing in the mountains.
  2. My car on the way back from college yesterday afternoon.
  3. This sudoku puzzle is too difficult. I !
  4. on Monday mornings is so difficult!
  5. If I give you the address, can you go and a package for me?
  6. Beth! We're really late and I don't want to miss the start of the film.
  7. When she her pen, I know she doesn't want to work anymore.
  8. Alex, can you all your books and prepare the table for lunch?

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