Pre-Intermediate Vocabulary Exercise: 'So' and 'Such' Vocabulary Gap Fill

Fill the spaces in these sentences that use "so" and "such" using the correct word from the list.

wallet - unbelievable - slowly - steak - gracefully - fat - lies - greed

  1. I ate such a large for dinner, I can't eat anything else.
  2. The thief told the police such an story that they began laughing.
  3. The ballet star danced so and got a standing ovation at the end.
  4. Why do you tell me such big and think I'll believe you?
  5. The cow was so that it couldn't fit through the gate.
  6. I don't understand such in people. They want everything for themselves!
  7. The building collapsed so that everyone escaped in time.
  8. Why do you need such a big ? Are you rich?

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