Pre-Intermediate Vocabulary Exercise: Sports Vocabulary - Which Sportsperson Would Say...?

For each question, read the sentence carefully and try and decide which sportsperson would say each one. Then write the sport in the box and press 'Mark Answers' when you have finished.

horse racing
long jump
motor racing
american football

1. We didn't make the touchdown because of the interception.     

2. My serve was terrible today. That's why I lost.     

3. That goal was never offside. There were two defenders near the goal.     

4. I got every rebound this evening. They couldn't jump higher than me!     

5. The climb up to the summit was difficult and my puncture didn't help.     

6. If her hoof hadn't clipped that last fence, we had a clear round.     

7. I didn't want to use the whip too much - I think she was very tired near the end.     

8. 10.1 seconds is my best time of the year - but there was a breeze behind me.     

9. I lost without playing a shot! He put the black in from the break!     

10. Sitting by a lake for hours doing nothing doesn't sound interesting, but I love it!     

11. The try was disallowed because the pass went forward.     

12. I wanted double 14 to win and missed it by a millimetre!     

13. We had a slow pit stop and that cost us at least five seconds.     

14. From that rough, I had no chance of getting the ball near the green.     

15. On all three jumps, my toe just touched the rubber strip before the pit and they didn't measure them.     

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