Pre-Intermediate Vocabulary Exercise: Jobs and Occupations Vocabulary - Who Would Say...?

Read these phrases. Who would say these things? A vet? A secretary? A stuntman? All these jobs are included - but where? Write the job in the space provided.

fashion designer
chess player
air steward
film director
racing driver
store detective
truck driver

1. I don't like looking in mouths all day.    

2. Sometimes the animals bite me, though I am trying to help them.    

3. Landing is the most stressful part.    

4. Some passengers want to drink after five minutes!    

5. I like all of my students.    

6. I don't like making coffee for him, but I like typing.    

7. I look terrible in front of the camera at that time!    

8. I am happy to be behind the camera thinking about the next shot.    

9. These models wear these clothes for five years. I have made them as a career for over 30 years.    

10. I often have no ideas and sit quietly behind the typewriter.    

11. Some people ask for drinks I have never heard of - but I try.    

12. My lenses are so important to me - those and the light of course.    

13. I don't drive this fast on public roads!    

14. The famous actors make the money - but we take the risks and the pain.    

15. There is another election next year. I am very nervous!    

16. Some people leave the store without paying by mistake - we get them all!    

17. I use the CB radio to talk to the other drivers in the area.    

18. It takes years of practice to become a Grandmaster - and a good use of the queen!    

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