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Do It Like This!
Description: Ben calls Susan at work to ask her how to do various things.
Language: How to fix things; imperative.
Dialect: Australian & North American English | Length: 1m 48s | Exercise Number: 1L13
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Listening Quiz 1 - Do It Like This!

Listening Quiz 2 - Do It Like This! 2

A Grand Vacation
Description: Henrietta meets a friend on the train and asks him about his European vacation.
Language: Past simple, adjectives.
Dialect: North American English | Length: 2m 25s | Exercise Number: 1L14
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Listening Quiz 1 - A Grand Vacation

Listening Quiz 2 - A Grand Vacation 2 * NEW! *

A Friend Visits
Description: A friend sends a spoken pen-pal letter to a friend who is going to visit her, talking about her hometown and how to find her house.
Language: Giving directions, imperative.
Dialect: British English | Length: 3m 07s | Exercise Number: 1L15
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Listening Quiz 1 - A Friend Visits

Listening Quiz 2 - A Friend Visits 2 * NEW! *

My Hometown
Description: Three people talk about their hometowns.
Language: Describing places, giving opinions.
Dialect: North American & British English | Length: 2m 35s | Exercise Number: 1L16
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Listening Quiz 1 - My Hometown

Listening Quiz 2 - My Hometown 2

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