Elementary Listening Practice

A Grand Vacation

Alan and Henrietta meet on the train and talk about Alan's European trip.

Choose the best answer for each question.

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1. Henrietta is on the train because

    she wanted to meet Alan

    she's going to work

    she's visiting a relative

2. Where did Alan go to college?

    in Amsterdam

    in Rita's hometown

    we don't know

3. What was the weather like in Amsterdam?


    better than expected


4. Who was he in Brussels with?

    a relative

    a friend

    a colleague

5. How old was the house in Munich that Alan speaks about?

    600 years old

    400 years old

    800 years old

6. Where did Alan find out about good accommodation?

    from a book

    from a website

    from a friend

7. How was the weather in Italy?


    Alan never said

    hot and humid

8. When are the two friends going to meet?

    quite soon

    they couldn't decide

    they didn't speak about it

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