Elementary Listening Practice

Do It Like This - Transcript

Ben calls Susan at work to ask her how to do various things.

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Ben: Hi Susan.

Susan: Is that you Ben?

Ben: Yes, I'm sorry to call you at work.

Susan: That's okay. Is there a problem at home?

Ben: There are three problems.

Susan: Oh, I hope it's nothing serious.

Ben: No, don't worry, just little problems.

Susan: Okay, what's the first one?

Ben: I don't know how to use the oven.

Susan: You mean you can't cook?

Ben: No, I can cook but I can't put the oven on. How does it work? My oven at home is electric. Your one is gas.

Susan: Okay, I understand. Light a match first.

Ben: Where are the matches?

Susan: On top of the fridge.

Ben: Ah, okay.

Susan: Then, push in the orange knob, the one with a big letter 'O' in the centre.

Ben: Then what?

Susan: Keep the orange knob pressed, put the match in the oven and it will start.

Ben: Okay, then I release the orange knob.

Susan: No! Wait for about five seconds. Then you can release it.

Ben: Thanks. Now the next problem is the DVD player. There's a DVD inside it, but it doesn't open.

Susan: Okay, that happens sometimes. Push the eject button.

Ben: I did that.

Susan: Yes, but keep it pushed for a few seconds. That sometimes works.

Ben: And if not?

Susan: Read the manual. It's in the little cabinet under the TV.

Ben: Thanks.

Susan: What's next?

Ben: Sorry?

Susan: You said three problems.

Ben: Oh yes, the cat's in the garden. And it's raining and the cat is crying.

Susan: Open a can of cat food. Go to the door and show Timmy the can. He will come in. He always does!

Ben: Okay, thanks Susan for everything. See you tonight.

Susan: See you later.

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