Elementary Listening Practice

A Grand Vacation

Alan and Henrietta meet on the train and talk about Alan's European trip. Complete these sentences with ONE or TWO words.

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Alan: I all over Europe. Twenty-four days, seven countries.

Alan: I started in Amsterdam. I Dutch friend Rita there.

Alan: We went to college together. in Amsterdam for three days.

Alan: The weather and windy and really cold, but I had a great time.

Alan: Yes, they were so beautiful. We two huge art galleries.

Alan: They exhibitions of the old Dutch painters like Vermeer and Rembrandt.

Alan: I house in Munich that was 800 years old. It was incredible.

Alan: I so many photos of the city.

Alan: No, not really. I a very good guide book with me, very informative.

Alan: Yes, after a few days in Munich, I train south to Italy and stayed two days in Milan.

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