Upper Intermediate - reading and writing

Changes In Town
Answer Sheet
Reading about someone returning to their hometown after a long absence. What has changed around town? True/False reading comprehension questions.

Formal and Informal Letters - Change of Register
Answer Sheet
Bringing to students' attentions the register differences between formal and informal letters.

Linking Devices
Answer Sheet
Worksheet which gets students to choose between different linking words to aid both their reading comprehension and their written work.

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Charlie Chaplin's Early Life
Answer Sheet
True/false reading comprehension questions based on an article about Charlie Chaplin's early life.

Blanked Out Comic Strips

This is such a simple idea that can be adapted for so many levels and purposes. Everyday comic strips have the dialogue bubbles blanked out and students, working alone or in groups or for homework (the variations on this are endless) have to create the dialogue. The emphasis here is on the writing.

Alternatively, with an emphasis more on reading, comic strips complete with dialogue can be cut up and students need to reconstruct the original strip.

Comic Strip One
A romantic dinner doesn't quite go as planned.

Comic Strip Two
Two female friends chat about a relationship.

Comic Strip Three
Trouble at the train station!

Comic Strip Four
A boy and his dog talk about the dog's future.

Comic Strip Five
A boy and his father discuss something in the house.

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