Upper Intermediate Level >> Reading And Writing Materials >> Reading about someone returning to their hometown after a long absence. What has changed around town? True/False reading comprehension questions.

Changes In Town.

Upper Intermediate

Read about Jake returning to his hometown after being abroad for ten years.

What tense does he use to describe things that have changed while he has been away?

I have returned to my hometown of Wilson Creek after an absence of 10 years.

So many things have changed around here. When I left Wilson Creek, there was a small pond on the right as you left town. They have filled in this pond and they have built a large shopping mall there. A new post office has also been built just across from my old school.

There is a baseball stadium on the outskirts of Wilson Creek which has been changed completely. They have now added a new stand where probably a few thousand people could sit. It looks really great.

The biggest changes have taken place in the downtown area. They have pedestrianised the centre and you can't drive there anymore. A European-style fountain has been built and some benches have also been added along with a grassy area and a new street cafe.

My street looks just the same as it always has but a public library has been built in the next street along. There used to be a great park there but they have cut down all the trees which is a pity. The library now has a large green area in front of it but it's not the same as when the park was there.

Another improvement is the number of new restaurants that have opened in Wilson Creek. A Chinese and an Italian restaurant have opened in the town centre and a Mexican restaurant has opened near my home. Which is where I am going tonight!

Now answer true or false to these questions.

  1. Jake's school doesn't exist anymore. FALSE
  2. They have improved the baseball stadium. TRUE
  3. Jake likes the new-look baseball stadium. TRUE
  4. It's only possible to reach the downtown area on foot. TRUE
  5. The buildings in the centre of the town look European. FALSE
  6. Jake's street hasn't changed much. TRUE
  7. He is sad about the park being ruined. TRUE
  8. Jake is going to eat Italian food tonight. FALSE

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