Upper Intermediate Level >> Reading And Writing Materials >> Bringing to students' attentions the register differences between formal and informal letters.

Formal and Informal Letters - Change of Register.

Upper Intermediate

Here is one suggested version.

______Dear Mr. Jones_____,

______I regret not being able_____ to get to your business dinner last Friday. I was really looking forward to it and I was all ready to leave the house when _____a relative arrived unexpectedly._____ She was only in town for the one evening before she went to my brother's house so I had to stay with her. ___________Please accept my sincerest apologies.___________.

I tried to telephone you but your line __________was twice engaged____________ when I telephoned. ___________Later, I was otherwise engaged___________ and didn't have the chance to ring again.

___________I hope you can understand my difficulties___________. I know you wanted to _______introduce me to Ms. Phoenix____ ______________who you work with. ________I hope this will be possible at the next available opportunity_________. _______ ____________I hope the dinner went well for all concerned.___________________.

_____I look forward to hearing from you soon.______

_____Yours sincerely______

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