Intermediate - conversation prompts

Skills and Talents Discussion
Gives practice of "can" and "be able to". Also acts as a prompt for a discussion on the different abilities and talents of your students.

"May" and "Might" Questions
Students ask each other questions off flashcards and respond using "may" or "might".

Opinions and Attitudes
Good discussion starter which gets students to grade different statements to guage what they think about issues from nuclear power and cruelty to animals to marriage and divorce.

Happy Families
To work on expressing obligation and permission using 'make', 'let' and 'allow'. I use the skeleton sentences provided as a basis for a child/parent role play which can work quite well.

Have You Been Crying?
Students have to complete prompts using present perfect continuous. This can be done orally by the teacher for better speaking practice.

Dream Questionnaire
Students ask each other questions about their dreams.

What Had Happened?
Students practice past perfect by discussing what had happened before given past situations.

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Rear Window - The Plot
Each student is given one card describing this famous film to memorise. Put all the students together WITHOUT their flashcards. They then have to reconstruct the story in the correct order from memory.

Modal Verbs of Deduction
practices "must be", "can't be", "could be" and other modal verbs of deduction. Premium

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