Intermediate Level >> Speaking and Conversation Materials/Discussion Starters >> practices "must be", "can't be", "could be" and other modal verbs of deduction.

Modals of Deduction


Students look at one or more of the photos below and give sentences using on of the following expressions:

could be - might be - can't be - must be

Students can work in groups to come to some conclusions.

Obviously, this can be done with a huge variety of different pictures. Some examples are given here of the type of language to expect/aim for.

soccer football

They must be at school.
It can't be August.
They might be training for a tournament.


It must be very frightened.
The cart must be too heavy.

reluctant pig

It might be a pet pig.
It could be a local fair.
It must be in America.

men in the snow

It can't be summer.
They must be very cold.
They might be tourists. Premium

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