Intermediate Level >> Speaking and Conversation Materials/Discussion Starters >> Gives practice of "can" and "be able to". Also acts as a prompt for a discussion on the different abilites and talents of your students.

Skills and Talents


For each of these questions, circle either Yes or No. Then discuss your answers with another student.

I can sing quite well Yes   No
I'll be able to speak English well after this course. Yes   No
I could play sport well when I was younger, but not anymore. Yes   No
Being able to play a musical instrument is one of my dreams. Yes   No
I was able to get up this morning without any problems. Yes   No
I've never really been able to understand movies in English. Yes   No
I'd love to be able to cook like a professional. Yes   No
My parents can't speak English as well as me. Yes   No Premium

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