Pre-Intermediate Level >> Flashcards/Role Play Materials >> To practice "should" and other expressions of advice. Students ask their colleagues for advice for problems they have.

Advice Flashcards


Cut up and give to students who then move around the classroom asking their colleagues for advice based on their problems. You can award points afterwards for the best advice.

e.g. I have a headache --> You should go and lie down in a dark room.

I have an exam tomorrow I have a headache
I've put on 3 pounds in a week! I fall asleep at work/school
I had an argument with my best friend I saw my friend cheat in an exam
I want to stop smoking English grammar is difficult for me
I wake up feeling tired every day I can't sleep very well at night
My back is hurting a lot this week My grandmother said my clothes were boring!
I drink 5 cans of Coke every day My English teacher speaks too fast!
I never have time for my English homework I lost all my money on the bus! Premium

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