Pre-Intermediate Level >> Flashcards/Role Play Materials >> These can be used by the teacher in a whole-class activity to practice the use of the present perfect to talk about indefinite time and experiences.

Have You Ever? Flashcards


Drink Guinness Lose a lot of money
Eat a snail Crash your car
Eat Chinese food Find some money
Go swimming in winter in the sea Break a leg
Forget someone's birthday Have a tattoo
Be to the USA Cry in public
Fall down in the street Drink whiskey
Smoke a cigar Live abroad
Meet a famous person Meet an English woman
Make a cake Tell a big lie
Meet a Japanese man Have a skinhead
Cry at the cinema Be to London
Be to Germany Read a book in English
Eat Mexican food Eat gorgonzola pizza
Ride a horse Drink Irish Beer
Knit Ski
Drive a Ferrari Play the trumpet
Make a cake Paint a picture
Steal something Be on internet for more than 3 hours
Lost a lot of money Catch a fish Premium

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