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Question Tag Flashcards.


Distribute these flashcards out among students who ask each questions using question tags


you/happy/today - You're happy today, aren't you?

If you want, you can also do some work on rising and falling intonation to ask "real" or "checking" question respectively. It is also advisable to do some pre-activity work on all the different auxiliaries that will be required to do this exercise.

your name/Spanish you/very good/English
you/can play/musical instrument you/like/this class
you/have/bicycle you/have/two children
you/live/big house you/get up/early
you/watched TV/this morning you/enjoying/this lesson
you/wearing/new shoes you/learning/another language
you/going cinema/tonight I/speak/excellent English
I/better/English/you it/will snow/tomorrow
this lesson/finish/6.00 you/have/wonderful dinner/tonight Premium

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