Pre-Intermediate Level >> Flashcards/Role Play Materials >> Practice of comparatives. Students take turns to choose cards and say which of the two objects written they prefer and why.

My Preferences


Cut up and students choose cards either in pairs or small groups - they justify their preferences using comparative adjectives.

e.g. - I prefer watching TV because reading is more boring.

studying at night or in morning internet or library
car or motorbike garden or balcony
cats or dogs Al Pacino or Robert DeNiro
Baywatch or X-files city or country
Pepsi or Coke hot dogs or burgers
apples or pears getting dressed before or after breakfast
ice cream or cake cinema or video
mountains or beach watching or playing sport
opera or ballet football or basketball
sweet or savoury eating at home or in restaurant
travelling by car or plane reading or watching TV
Beatles or Rolling Stones pizza or pasta Premium

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