Beginners - worksheets 4

Question Words

Beginners Question Word Worksheet
Students choose the correct question word (what?, where?, who? etc.) for each sentence.

Question Words Re-Ordering Worksheet
Answer Sheet
Students put words into the correct order to make sentences, all which have question words in them.

Kathy & Darren: Question Word Gap Fill
Answer Sheet
A dialogue between work colleagues with all the question words taken out.

"How" Gap Fill Worksheet
Answer Sheet
Questions are completed with the correct word used after 'how'.

Question Words Multiple Choice
Answer Sheet
Students choose the best question word at the start of each sentence.


Spelling Rules Matching Worksheet
Answer Sheet
A matching worksheet which gives students practice of spelling rules.

Which One Is Right? Common Mis-Spellings
Answer Sheet
A choice between two possible spellings of commonly mis-spelt words.

Which One Is Right? Common Mis-Spellings 2
Answer Sheet
A choice between two possible spellings of commonly mis-spelt words.

Good or Bad Spelling?
Answer Sheet
Students look at word lists where there is one mis-spelt word. Which one is wrong?

Find The Spelling Mistake
Answer Sheet
One word in each sentence has a spelling mistake which students need to find.


Subject and Object Pronouns Re-Ordering
Answer Sheet
Students put the words in the right order to make sentences with subject and object pronouns.

Subject Pronouns Multiple Choice Worksheet
Answer Sheet
Students choose the correct subject pronoun to complete the sentences..


Sarah, John and Me
Can be students' first written English!! Very simple gap fill requiring only possessive adjectives, prepositions (from, in) and the verb 'to be'. The last paragraph gives students a chance for them to say something about themselves too.

Nationalities and Countries
Worksheet to practice differences between, for example, 'America' and 'American'.

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Students' Local Town Gap Fill
Students use very basic vocabulary and the verb 'to be' to say something of their local town. Good way to get students producing written English very early on in their learning and is personalized for your students too.

24 Hour Clock Worksheet
Students get practice of the 12 and 24 hour clocks.

Question/Answer Matching - Ice Breaker Questions
Students fill in the answers from a given list in this icebreaker dialogue.

False Beginners' Test
Grammar worksheets testing student knowledge of present simple in all forms, wh- interrogative words and third person 's'. Suitable for absolute beginners about two to three months into a course.

They're There!
This worksheet works on the sometimes confusing difference between they're, there and their. Premium

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