Beginners Level >> Worksheets >> Worksheets testing student knowledge of present simple in all forms, wh- interrogative words and third person 's'. Suitable for absolute beginners about two to three months into a course

Elementary Progress Test


1. Correct the following sentences.

e.g:      Sophia Loren is French.
No she isn't, she's Italian!

  1. George Clooney is a sports star.
  2. The Queen of England lives in Brazil.
  3. Italy is in South America.
  4. Adele is a French singer.
  5. There are forty states in the United States.
  6. Your teacher smokes in class.

2. Complete the sentences with the correct question word.

  1. __________ do you live?   In London.
  2. __________ does Dick play billiards?   Twice a week.
  3. __________ is your house from school?   About 2 kilometres.
  4. __________ is Anne crying?   Because her cat died today.
  5. __________ do you travel to school?   By bus.
  6. __________ do they do their homework?   On Sunday evenings.
  7. __________ is your favourite actress?   Charlize Theron!
  8. __________ does Adelmo go to bed?   Usually at 11.00pm.
  9. __________ is the capital of Norway?   Oslo, I think!

3. Write sentences about what John does every week using these notes from his diary. E.g. He goes to bed at 1 o'clock on Saturday.

a)         Wednesday. 5.00pm. Tennis.


b)         Wednesday. 8.30pm. Watch 'Football Special'.


c)         Friday. 11.30am. Study English.


d)         Friday. 2.00pm. Cook lunch


e)         Sunday. 5.00pm. Visit grandmother.

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