Beginners Level >> Worksheets >> Questions are completed with the correct word used after 'how'.

"How" Gap Fill Worksheet


Use the correct word after "how" to complete each question. One question doesn't need a word.

  1. How ______ do you run? Three kilometres. far
  2. How ______ do you pay? $46. much
  3. How ______ do you study? Nearly two hours. long
  4. How ______ do you know Steve? Not at all. well
  5. How ______ do you have? 2 girls and one boy. many
  6. How ______ is the water? More than two metres. deep
  7. How ______ do you know Steve? I work with him. (nothing)
  8. How ______ is your brother? 1m 79cm. tall Premium

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