Listening - Pre-Intermediate

The Charity Show
Two friends talk about how one can help the other with an upcoming charity show.
Exercise Number: 2L1
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Diana's New Job
Diana tells her friend about how her new job is going.
Exercise Number: 2L2
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The Job Interview
Pia goes for a job interview to try and get a new job.
Exercise Number: 2L3
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Vacation Stress
Spoken postcard from Leroy, on vacation in Europe.
Exercise Number: 2L4
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The Inspector Calls
A police inspector comes and speaks to the wife of a murder victim.
Exercise Number: 2L5
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Best Friends
Laura asks Mike some questions about friendship to complete a survey.
Exercise Number: 2L6
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A Matter Of Taste
A conversation about a visit to a modern art gallery.
Exercise Number: 2L8
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Old Friends
Richard remembers some old friends after looking at a photograph.
Exercise Number: 2L10
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Evening Classes
Two friends talk about which evening class to do together.
Exercise Number: 2L12
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