Vocabulary - Elementary

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Adjective Opposites
Fill in the correct adjective for each question. You must put the opposite of each one. e.g. Good --> Bad.
Exercise Number: 1V1

Capitals and Countries
For the countries, add the capitals. For the cities, add the countries.
Exercise Number: 1V2

Nationalities and Countries
For each country, write in the nationality. Remember to use a capital letter at the beginning!
Exercise Number: 1V3

Possessive Adjective Matching Quiz
Complete each sentence that uses a possessive adjective.
Exercise Number: 1V35

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Verb Collocation Matching Quiz
Put each verb together with its natural collocation.
Exercise Number: 1V34

Absolute and Gradeable Adjectives
What is the difference between "hot" and "boiling". Which can you use "very" with? Which can you use "absolutely" with?
Exercise Number: 1V5

Job Definitions
Match the jobs with their definitions.
Exercise Number: 1V6

Which Job?
Multiple choice exercise in which you have to choose the correct job to go with the description.
Exercise Number: 1V7

Which Place?
Multiple choice exercise in which you have to choose the correct store/place to go with the description.
Exercise Number: 1V8

Food Types Matching Exercise
Is butter meat? Put the foods together with the correct food group.
Exercise Number: 1V33

Speaking & Talking Verbs Matching Exercise
Matching exercise that practices verbs of talking, speaking, etc.
Exercise Number: 1V60

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