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Test Prep

Preparing classes for international examinations and tests? Great worksheets available for FCE and CPE.

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esl lesson plans, materials

Is this your first time here? Visit our site guide to learn more about us. Using our ESL materials. Printing resources. Requesting ESL lesson plans.  >>> Site Guide

student site

1000 pages of interactive grammar, listening, vocabulary and reading exercises. English grammar guide and phrasal verbs section, games and more.  >>> For English learners


Our blog The Dangling Modifier, offers great articles on all aspects of ESL teaching. Read the writing of other ESL teachers - or send something in yourself.  >>> Our Blog

esl Books

The very best books, DVDs, guides, software and eBooks to help you and your students in the ESL classroom with teaching and learning English.  >>> ESL Books

esl talking points

ESL teachers send us comments about the big talking points of the ESL world: teaching, discipline, materials, ESL theory, and more. Join in the discussion.  >>> ESL Talking Points

esl teaching guide

Read about other teachers who have taught where you want to go - get the low down on wages, visas, regulations and much more. Send in your own tips and info.  >>> ESL Books

esl board games

Free ESL board games. Including empty master versions. Print out and play for enjoyable lessons. Many grammar and vocabulary points covered.  >>> ESL board games

embarrassing teacher stories

When students go bad! Read about others' misfortune and embarrassment in the ESL classroom. Add your own tales if you want...  >>> Embarrassing stories

english pronunciation

Pronunciation materials. Printable IPA Phonetic charts. Improve student pronunciation, intonation, stress skills. Get students thinking about how to speak English.  >>> Pronunciation materials


Everyone loves a good quiz! Here, we have interactive quizzes on phonology, ESL terminology, spelling and grammar. Try a quiz today - results will be kept secret!  >>> Quizzes

song lyrics

Song lyrics for ESL classes. Song worksheets for fun ESL lessons. Use music in the class. Request other song lyrics or send in your own.  >>> ESL song resources

esl terminology

Ever-increasing database of ESL terminology - will help you through the maze of ESL, FCE, TOEFL, CALL and more. Never feel lost in a school meeting again!  >>> esl terminology

other esl sites

Other ESL sites. We have selected the best ones here. Whether you're looking for job sites, more materials or ESL theory websites, this is the place.  >>> esl links

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