Diana's New Job

Diana tells her friend about how her new job is going.

Listen to the mp3 file and choose the best answer for each question. Then listen again to check.

Right click here for the mp3 listening file.

1. How did Diana and the tourists travel to the canyon?

2. Why did some of the tourists stay at the hotel today?
    They were tired.
    They were ill.
    They went to a different place.

3. Who is Mark?
    A hotel manager.
    Diana's colleague.
    A worker at the canyon.

4. What did Diana do for lunch?
    She didn't have time for lunch.
    She ate something with the tourists.
    She had lunch in the canyon cafĂ©.

5. What does Diana think about her job?
    The wages are good, but she hates the work.
    They pay her poorly but at least she likes the job.
    The wages are good and she likes the job too.

6. What did Diana do when she arrived back in the hotel?
    She had a sandwich.
    She spoke to the head of the tourist group about tomorrow.
    She slept because she was exhausted.

7. What is the program for tomorrow?
    Aquarium in the morning, museum in the afternoon.
    Tour of the city in the morning, aquarium in the afternoon.
    Museum in the morning, aquarium in the afternoon.

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