The Charity Show - Transcript

Two friends talk about how one can help the other with an upcoming charity show.

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Ben: Kathy, we need some help for the charity show on Saturday. Do you think you can help?

Kathy: Sure, what do you want me to do? I can do some of the cooking if you need.

Ben: No, the cooking is taken care of.

Kathy: OK, what about the clearing up? I can pick up the litter off the floor. There's going to be a lot of people around and the park will get pretty messy I think.

Ben: John and Lindsay have volunteered to do all of that.

Kathy: So what do you want my help for?

Ben: The talent contest?

Kathy: I'm sorry?

Ben: Yeah, you know. The talent contest we are doing. The problem is - we don't think many people will volunteer to take part unless there are some people already signed up, so I want you to put your name down now to do something.

Kathy: But I can't do anything!

Ben: Sure you can!

Kathy: No, seriously Ben. I am the last person you want for a talent show. I don't have any.

Ben: You don't have any what?

Kathy: Talent!!

Ben: Look, I asked Graham and he said he would tell a few jokes to begin the show.

Kathy: Have you heard any of Graham's jokes? He can't tell jokes Ben! Who else do you have?

Ben: Your mother agreed to play a piece of music on the clarinet. Something from a film.

Kathy: Oh, that will be nice. She can play well.

Ben: Alright! So now we need you to do something. What can you do really well?

Kathy: I can cook!

Ben: I don't think people are going to want to watch you cook, Kathy!

Kathy: I can do some card tricks. That could be a nice idea.

Ben: Do they always work?

Kathy: I can practice! They usually work!

Ben: Hmm! Is there anything else you can do?

Kathy: Well, I can't dance and I can't juggle....

Ben: What about singing? Can you sing?

Kathy: My voice isn't too terrible! I can sing the national anthem quite well.

Ben: Hey that's great. It will only take a couple of minutes and with three volunteers already, I think other people will be less shy to sign up.

Kathy: What time does the talent show start?

Ben: Around 3 in the afternoon

Kathy: Oh no! I'm on Susan's cookery stall until 4!

Ben: Can you escape for just 5 minutes?

Kathy: Not really but if you want, I can sing my song at the end of the show instead of the beginning.

Ben: Yeah, that sounds perfect. We will finish up at about 5pm.

Kathy: OK, agreed. Put me down as the last act in the talent show.

Ben: Thanks a lot Kathy, I really appreciate it.

Kathy: Sure, no problem!

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