Best Friends

Laura asks Mike some questions about friendship to complete a survey.

Choose the answer that Laura writes for each question of the friends survey.

Right click here for the mp3 listening file.

1. How many friends do you prefer to have?
    One or two
    Three to five
    About 10
    As many as possible

2. When was the last time you forgot a friend's birthday?
    I never have
    This year
    Once many years ago
    I do it quite often

3. Have you ever called a friend of yours at three o'clock in the morning just to chat?
    Once or twice
    Quite often
    Night-time is for sleeping!

4. Do your friends search for you when they want...
    Cheering up
    Some good advice
    Someone to listen to them

5. How often do you think about your friends?
    Throughout the day
    Every day
    Only when you need them
    Laura doesn't put an answer

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