Listening - Intermediate

You've Changed!
Two friends meet after not seeing each other for a long time.
Exercise Number: 3L1
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Sports Roundup
Sports news on the radio.
Exercise Number: 3L2
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Haybridge Hall
Listen to this guide speaking about the historical Haybridge Hall.
Exercise Number: 3L3
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Parent/Teacher Meeting
A mother speaks to a teacher about her son's progress and behavior.
Exercise Number: 3L5
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The Answering Machine Complaint
A customer leaves a message of complaint on an answering machine.
Exercise Number: 3L6
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Love Is In The Air
Carolina talks about the great love story in her life.
Exercise Number: 3L7
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Here Is The News
Bulletin of world news on the radio.
Exercise Number: 3L8
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The Room-Mates
Two people who live together have a conversation about some problems.
Exercise Number: 3L9
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Democracy In Action
A politician speaks to a possible voter on the doorstep.
Exercise Number: 3L10
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What are these people talking about? It's not very clear, is it?
Exercise Number: 3L11
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