Grammar Exercises - Elementary Level

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To Be

To Be: Gap Fill
Each sentence has a space where you must put the verb "To Be" in the correct form.
Exercise Number: 1G7

To Be: Gap Fill
Another basic gap fill exercise using only the verb 'to be'.
Exercise Number: 1G44

'To Be' multiple choice
Choose the correct form of the verb "to be" for each question.
Exercise Number: 1G43

'To Be' Sentence Re-Ordering
Re-order the words and add the verb "to be" to make full sentences.
Exercise Number: 1G46

'To Be' Sentence Re-Ordering
Put the words into the correct order to make correct sentences that use the verb "to be".
Exercise Number: 1G115

To Be: Positive or Negative Gap Fill
Put the correct form of the verb "To Be" in each sentence. It could be positive or negative.
Exercise Number: 1G8

"To Be" Question Formation
Put the words in order to make correct questions using the verb "to be".
Exercise Number: 1G2

"To Be" Question Formation 2
Multiple choice exercise to practice "to be" question formation.
Exercise Number: 1G21

Error Correction: To Be
All these sentences use the verb to be. Which ones are correct?
Exercise Number: 1G18

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Error Correction: To Be
Another exercise to find the correct sentences using "to be".
Exercise Number: 1G47

Error Correction: To Be & To Have
Are these to be/to have sentences correct or not?
Exercise Number: 1G15

Error Correction: To Be & To Have - Exercise 2
Second exercise using the verbs to be and to have.
Exercise Number: 1G16

To Be - Questions & Answers
Match the questions with the answers.
Exercise Number: 1G38


Error Correction: Prepositions
Correct the errors in these sentences containing prepositions.
Exercise Number: 1G20

Prepositions of Time Gap Fill Exercise
Complete the sentences using the correct preposition.
Exercise Number: 1G91

Time Expressions/Prepositions Gap Fill
Practice of time expressions/prepositions.
Exercise Number: 1G92

Prepositions of Time Matching Exercise
Match the left and the right in this exercise to practice prepositions of time.
Exercise Number: 1G149

Capital Letters

Capital Letters Errors
Find the errors in these sentences containing capital letters.
Exercise Number: 1G42

Find The Bad Capital Letter
Each of these sentences has an error in the use of capital letters. Where is it?
Exercise Number: 1G145

Why Are Capital Letters Used, Matching Exercise
Match the rules of capital letter use with examples in this matching exercise.
Exercise Number: 1G146


Spelling of Plurals
Different ways of making nouns plural in English.
Exercise Number: 1G111

Which Plural Is Right?
Which of the plurals are correct? Most of these are irregular.
Exercise Number: 1G155

Plurals Gap Fill Exercise
Regular and irregular plurals are used in this gap fill exercise.
Exercise Number: 1G156

Plurals Error Correction Quiz
Read each sentence and find the plural that has been mis-spelt.
Exercise Number: 1G157

Simple Verb Patterns

Verb Patterns Error Correction Quiz
Are these sentences that use basic verb patterns correct or wrong?
Exercise Number: 1G150

Verb Patterns Exercise
This gap fill quiz gives practice at how verbs fit together in English.
Exercise Number: 1G151

Verb Patterns Matching Quiz
Match the heads and tails of these sentences to practice elementary verb patterns.
Exercise Number: 1G152

Verb Patterns Re-Ordering Quiz
Put the words into the correct order to make sentences with verb patterns.
Exercise Number: 1G133

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