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Interview with an Actress
A famous actress is interviewed about her recent work.
Exercise Number: 4L1
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An interview on the radio about SETI (Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence).
Exercise Number: 4L2
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The Pet Caterer
An interview with a man who feeds animals for a living.
Exercise Number: 4L3
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A Survival Story
Listen to the exciting story of survival at sea, against all the odds.
Exercise Number: 4L4
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Online Perils
The dangers of the web: spam, viruses and more.
Exercise Number: 4L5
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Turn Off That Light
A radio discussion about the modern problem of light pollution.
Exercise Number: 4L6
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Read All About It
Two friends discuss local newspapers.
Exercise Number: 4L7
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Anger Behind The Wheel
Radio program about the dangers of road rage.
Exercise Number: 4L8
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