English Vocabulary Exercises - Intermediate

Page 3

Political Vocabulary
Fill the spaces in these sentences with words related to politics.
Exercise Number: 3V21

Cinema Vocabulary
Match the definitions and the words related to the cinema and movies.
Exercise Number: 3V22

Musical Vocabulary
Match the definitions and the words related to the world of pop music.
Exercise Number: 3V23

In Case It Rains
Gap fill exercise to practice in case, provided, unless and whether.
Exercise Number: 3V24

How Do You Feel Matching Quiz
Match the adjectives with what a person might say.
Exercise Number: 3V34

Many Things Matching Exercise
Match each noun with the collective noun.
Exercise Number: 3V35

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Lives of Crime Matching Exercise
Match each crime with a sentence.
Exercise Number: 3V36

Punctuation Matching Quiz
Match each punctuation mark with the correct name.
Exercise Number: 3V37

Medical Specialists Gap Fill Exercise
Do you know your dermatologist from your optometrist?
Exercise Number: 3V40

Personality Adjectives Gap Fill Quiz
Gap fill exercise to practice personality adjectives.
Exercise Number: 3V41

Ask/Say/Tell Gap Fill Exercise
Fill each gap with either 'ask', 'say' or 'tell'.
Exercise Number: 3V42

Say & Tell Error Correction Multiple Choice Exercise
Find the errors in these say/tell sentences.
Exercise Number: 3V43

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