Intermediate Vocabulary Exercise: Political Vocabulary

Choose the correct word from the table to fill the space in each sentence.

opinion polls
polling stations
to vote
campaign ad
ballot boxes

  1. I would like for your party but I disagree with your on free trade.
  2. The election was thrown into chaos when two of the were destroyed in fires and several went missing at the close of voting.
  3. The opposition party won a large in the new and the government accepted defeat.
  4. The government lost the election because it had lost the trust of the after more than a decade in power.
  5. Despite being more than 5% behind in the most of the latest , we are still optimistic of winning the election next month.
  6. The Prime Minister was heavily criticized last month for giving the go ahead to broadcast a which personally attacked the leader of the opposition.
  7. In the UK, any constitutional changes made by the government need to be approved in a .
  8. is usually used most frequently during a time of war as enemies use radio, TV and newsprint to attack each other's actions and ideology.

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