Intermediate Vocabulary Exercise: Medical Specialists Gap Fill

Do you know these words for medical specialists ? Choose the best one for each sentence.

chiropractor - dermatologist - gynecologist - ophthalmologist - optometrist - orthodontist - otologist - pediatrician - podiatrist - psychiatrist

  1. The gave me some pills to stop this constant ringing in my ears.
  2. We need to take our daughter to the to get braces on her teeth.
  3. Sarah is going to the to get a prescription for new glasses.
  4. My grandfather says everything looks blurry, so he is going to the to get his eyes checked.
  5. My wife is seeing a(n) because we're expecting a baby.
  6. I keep on hearing imaginary voices. Do you think I should go to a(n) ?
  7. I had a terrible backache, but the was able to help me.
  8. If that itchy rash doesn't go away, you should go to a(n) .
  9. Our recommended that little Johnny should have his tonsils out.
  10. The was able to help my friend with his foot problems.

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