Intermediate Vocabulary Exercise: Personality Adjectives Gap Fill

All of these words describe people. Choose the best word for each sentence.

considerate - defiant - egotistical - generous - gregarious - impatient - optimistic - overbearing - pessimistic - taciturn

  1. A(n) person enjoys being around other people.
  2. A(n) person talks very little.
  3. If you are , you expect good things to happen.
  4. My friend has been very lately, so I'm trying to cheer her up.
  5. A(n) person thinks, "I am the greatest, and nobody else matters."
  6. A(n) person thinks about how his words and actions will affect other people, and tries not to make them feel bad.
  7. My neighbor is very ; he enjoys giving his time and money to help other people.
  8. Even though the little boy took a long time tying his shoe, his father was not with him.
  9. If you always try to take over and be the one in charge, people will think you're .
  10. The boy was and refused to obey his parents.

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