Grammar Exercises - Beginner Level

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Can/Can't Gap Fill Exercise
Choose either can or can't for each space to complete the sentence.
Exercise Number: 1G102

Can/Can't Gap Fill Exercise
Another can/can't gap fill quiz.
Exercise Number: 1G118

Animal 'Can' Matching Quiz
Which animals can do which thing?
Exercise Number: 1G159

'Can' Error Correction Exercise
Look at the sentences that all use "can". Which ones are correct?
Exercise Number: 1G103

Can You / Can I Exercise
Look at the requests for permission. Fill each space with either "can you" or "can I".
Exercise Number: 1G104

Can and Can't Re-Ordering Quiz
Put the following words into the correct order to make correct sentences that use "can" and "can't".
Exercise Number: 1G117

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Some & Any

Some or Any Gap Fill
Should you use "some" or "any" in each of these sentences?
Exercise Number: 1G12

Some and Any: Restaurant Dialogue
Read this dialogue between a waiter and two customers in a restaurant, then choose either some or any for each space.
Exercise Number: 1G30

Some or Any Multiple Choice
Chose some, any or nothing for each space.
Exercise Number: 1G97

Capital Letters

Capital Letters Errors
Find the errors in these sentences containing capital letters.
Exercise Number: 1G42

Find The Bad Capital Letter
Each of these sentences has an error in the use of capital letters. Where is it?
Exercise Number: 1G145

Why Are Capital Letters Used, Matching Exercise
Match the rules of capital letter use with examples in this matching exercise.
Exercise Number: 1G146

Simple Verb Patterns

Verb Patterns Error Correction Quiz
Are these sentences that use basic verb patterns correct or wrong?
Exercise Number: 1G150

Verb Patterns Exercise
This gap fill quiz gives practice at how verbs fit together in English.
Exercise Number: 1G151

Verb Patterns Matching Quiz
Match the heads and tails of these sentences to practice elementary verb patterns.
Exercise Number: 1G152

Verb Patterns Re-Ordering Quiz
Put the words into the correct order to make sentences with verb patterns.
Exercise Number: 1G133


Conjunctions Multiple Choice Quiz
Choose the correct conjunction (and, but, etc) to complete each sentence.
Exercise Number: 1G177

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