Grammar Exercise: "To Be" Question Formation 2


Use these "answers" prompts to choose the correct questions. All the questions use only the verb "to be".

1. My name is John.
    What be your name?
    What your name is?
    What is your name?

2. My mother is from India.
    Where your mother is from?
    Where is your mother from?
    Where come from your mother?

3. My sister is 24 years old.
    How old years is your sister?
    How many years has your sister?
    How old is your sister?

4. Yes, I am happy.
    Are you happy?
    You are happy?
    Do you is happy?

5. My number is 090 456212.
    What be your phone number?
    What your phone number is?
    What is your phone number?

6. No, my mother is short.
    Is your mother tall?
    Is tall your mother?
    Your mother is tall?

7. My birthday is in August.
    When is your birthday?
    When your birthday is?
    When be your birthday?

8. I am from Spain.
    Where is you from?
    Where are come from you?
    Where are you from?

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