Grammar Exercise: Genitive Error Correction


In each of these sentences, there is an example of the genitive 's. Has it been used correctly or not? Write Y (yes) or N (no) in each box.

  1. John's mother is the head of the local computer company.
  2. All her sons go to the local boy's school.
  3. She has two daughter's and they are both at university.
  4. Computer's John is very old and he wants to buy a new one.
  5. My cats' names are Toby and Jess.
  6. The woman who clean's the office is Judy.
  7. I want to replace the car's wheel. It is broken.
  8. It is the peoples' right to protest.
  9. Now I have four day's holiday. I am so happy.
  10. That is not my watch. It's John's mother's.

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