Grammar Exercise: Find The Bad Capital Letter


There is one word in each question that is wrongly capitalised - either capitalised when it shouldn't be or vice versa. Find the word and write it.

  1. We can go and visit you in the Autumn, possibly September but definitely before Christmas.
  2. Go and see dr. Cyril Rogers. He's our doctor and the best doctor in the city.
  3. My brother goes to University in a small town in Scotland. Near Glasgow, I think.
  4. When I finish this novel called simplicity you can read it.
  5. The picnic was very big. Apples, Bananas and a big chicken.
  6. I work for Apple in the iPhone department. My boss is swedish and it's very interesting.
  7. Is that your mercedes in the car park? I have a small Japanese car. I can't remember its name.
  8. My sister studies history at college and wants to work in a museum.

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