Grammar Exercise: Some or Any Worksheet


Look at these sentences and decide if some or any should go in the spaces. Remember to look at the grammar review and think about which sentences are offers or requests.

1. Are there cinemas in your town?

2. Can I have sugar in my coffee, please?

3. He doesn't have brothers or sisters in his family.

4. If you go and look in the kitchen, there are magazines on the table.

5. There was nobody on the beach this morning. Only seagulls and an old dog.

6. A few people in the world are very rich, but others don't have money.

7. Would you like wine with your dinner?

8. Can you get me bread if you go to the shops?

9. It's not surprising she doesn't have friends with her personality.

10. There are a few eggs in the fridge but you will need to buy milk.

11. Do you want help with your homework?

12. people at the party last night were very bored.

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