Grammar Exercise: Some and Any: Restaurant Dialogue


Read through this dialogue between Peter, Jane and the waiter in a restaurant. In each box choose between "some" and "any".

Waiter: Are you ready to order now?
Peter: Yes, we are.
Mary: Do you have (1) Russian salad today?

Waiter: No, we don't have (2) . I'm sorry. We have (3) Greek salad left though. Would you like (4) ?

Mary: Oh, OK. I'll try (5) .

Peter: Yes, I will try the Greek salad too. Then…can I have (6) of the Italian seafood starters that are on the menu. Would you like (7) too, Mary?

Mary: Oh, no not for me. I never eat (8) seafood. It makes me sick!

Waiter: What about the main course? We have (9) very nice steak today.

Peter: Well, I don't eat (10) red meat so I will have the quiche. Is there (11) meat in that?

Waiter: No, there isn't (12) meat in the quiche. And for you madam?
Mary: I would like the steak please.

Waiter: Would you like (13) wine with your meal?

Peter: Let's get (14) strong red wine. What do you think?
Mary: OK, a bottle of red wine.
Waiter: Fine. Thank you very much.

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