Grammar Exercises - Advanced Level

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Reported Speech

Say / Tell Error Correction
Don't get your "tell somebody something" confused with your "say something to somebody"!
Exercise Number: 4G10

Reporting Verbs Exercise
Choose from reporting verbs such as tell, suggest and warn to complete each sentence.
Exercise Number: 4G11

'Say' and 'Tell' Gap Fill Exercise
Sentences and expressions using 'say' and 'tell'.
Exercise Number: 4G17

Reported Questions, Extra Word Exercise
Find the extra word in each of these reported questions sentences.
Exercise Number: 4G30

Reported Questions Error Correction
Look at these reported question sentences. Are they correct or wrong?
Exercise Number: 4G29

Reported Questions Re-Ordering
Put the words into the correct order to make sentences with reported questions.
Exercise Number: 4G25

Reported Speech Re-Ordering Exercise
Re-order the words to make sentences using reported speech.
Exercise Number: 3G91

Direct To Reported Speech Gap Fill
Transform the direct speech to reported speech.
Exercise Number: 4G47

Future Continuous

Future Continuous / Future Perfect
Look at Jack's itinerary for tomorrow and complete the sentences using either Future Continuous or Future Perfect.
Exercise Number: 4G9

Future Continuous Error Correction
Are these sentences that contain the Future Continuous correct or not?
Exercise Number: 4G19

Future Continuous Re-Ordering Quiz
Put the words into the correct order to make sentences using the future continuous.
Exercise Number: 4G18

'At The Station' Future Continuous Matching Quiz
I will be waiting for you at the station. What will I be wearing? What will I be doing?
Exercise Number: 4G40

Used To

Used To / Be Used To
The difference between these two can often be confusing. This exercise looks at the difference.
Exercise Number: 4G68

Used To / Be Used To Error Correction
Are theses sentences that use "used to" and "be used to" correct or wrong?
Exercise Number: 4G16

Be Used To Re-Ordering Exercise
Put the words in the correct order to make "be used to" sentences.
Exercise Number: 3G92

Modal Verbs

Past Modal Verb Matching Exercise
An exercise to practice using 'should', shouldn't', 'have to' and 'didn't have to'.
Exercise Number: 4G89

Open Cloze Exercises

The Last 'Snoopy' Cartoon - Open Close Exercise
Read this text about the final Snoopy cartoon and fill in the gaps.
Exercise Number: 4G94

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Modals of Deductions

Modal Verbs of Deduction
Practice using modal verb structures such as "she must be married" and "he can't have gone to work".
Exercise Number: 4G3

Past Modals Exercise
Choose from "must have", "can't have", "should have" or "might have" to complete each sentence.
Exercise Number: 4G66

Past Modals Of Deduction - The Titanic
Read the sentences about the construction and only voyage of the Titanic ship. Which of the sentences contain errors in the use of past modals of deduction?
Exercise Number: 4G90

Modal Verbs of Deduction Re-Ordering Quiz
Put the words into the correct order to make sentences using modal verbs of deduction.
Exercise Number: 4G44

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