Grammar Exercise: Used To / Be Used To


For each sentence, choose a variety of "used to", "be used to" or "get used to". Use the verb in the brackets to make the sentence.

Don't use any contractions.

1. European drivers find it difficult to (drive) on the left when they visit Britain.

2. See that building there? I (go) to school there, but now it's a factory.

3. I've only been at this company a couple of months. I (still not) how they do things round here.

4. When I first arrived in this neighbourhood, I had to (live) in a house. I had always lived in apartment buildings.

5. Working till 10pm isn't a problem. I (finish) late. I did it in my last job too.

6. I can't believe they are going to build an airport just two miles from our new house! I will (never) all that noise! What a nightmare.

7. His father (smoke) twenty cigars a day - now he doesn't smoke at all!

8. Whenever all my friends went to discos, I (never go) with them, but now I enjoy it.

9. I (drive) as I have had my driving licence almost a year now.

10. When Max went to live in Italy, he (live) there very quickly. He's a very open minded person.

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