Grammar Exercise: Past Modal Verb Matching


Match each sentence with a letter for the sentence that summarizes the situation best using 'should', shouldn't', 'have to' or 'didn't have to'.

  1. I had to take one.
  2. He shouldn't have been.
  3. We didn't have to pay.
  4. You should have told me.
  5. I had to study a lot.
  6. He didn't have to pay.
  7. You shouldn't have.
  8. He shouldn't have done it.

1. John was in the building after 10pm. The rules state "nobody in building after 9pm."


2. We expected to pay $5 to enter the park. We got into the park for free. We were surprised.


3. My biology exam was very hard. It was necessary to study a lot for it.


4. You never told me it was Hilary's birthday yesterday. She's angry at me because I forgot.


5. You got me a very expensive Christmas gift. That wasn't necessary.


6. Phil was fired because he discussed his company's policies with a person from another company.


7. It was raining when I left the house yesterday. For that reason, I took an umbrella.


8. Coming from a rich family, Phil Harman was able to travel around the world after university. His family paid for everything.


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