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To Be Or Not To Be
Deals with the problem of forming questions with "to be" or with the auxiliary "do". Students must separate the verb "to be" from all the other verbs which use "do" to form questions. Teacher-led activity which elicits both types of questions.

Past Simple Flashcards
Collection of flashcards that act as prompt cards for students to ask each other questions about the past.

Time Flashcards
Flashcards with times, that can be used to practice a variety of grammar forms such as Present Simple, Past Simple and practice at telling the time.

The Dangling Modifier

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Party Mix Flashcards 2
Similar to the Party Mix Flashcards for beginners, but with slightly more complex questions using also past simple and present continuous. Students move around asking and answering the questions, using appropriate answers.

When Did You Last Flashcards
Flashcards for use in speaking activity by students or by teacher at front of class to elicit answers/questions to practice 'when did you last' structure.

Going To Flashcards
'Going To' flashcards to be used for conversation prompts, pairwork, etc.

Can cards
Prompt cards to be used either by the teacher or by students in pairwork.

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